Celebrating a more sustainable future with the collection of rainwater

On Thursday 19 May 2022, our Chanterlands Avenue store enjoyed celebrating of a more sustainable future with the collection of rainwater.

With Sewell on the go playing host, the celebration was led by Community Action For Water. Guests included members of the local community, the University of Sheffield, mural artist Emma Garness and our own team members.

The tea party celebrated the innovative rainwater gardens that are fed with rainwater and stunning mural by local artist Emma Garness. It was installed by local co-operative Susdrainable, who design and install small-scale retrofit Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Party goers enjoyed tea and cakes in the sunshine, discussed the benefits of rainwater, and how we can use it in a more sustainable way.

This installation is just a small part of our mission towards a more sustainable future. Alongside the SuDs, you can also find beehives at our Hull West store (A63 westbound) which are managed by the PATT foundation.

Across many sites we’ve also updated our plastic gloves to the more environmentally friendly, GripHero. These are made from 100% recycled plastics and offer a 94% reduction in Co2 footprint when replacing traditional plastic gloves.

The little sun trap at our Chanterlands store is sociable, sustainable, showcases stunning art and supports the local community.

If you’re ever nearby, do come and enjoy the mural and planters!