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Compostable carriers to help our customers go green

May 26, 2021

All of our Sewell on the go stores are proud to use environmentally friendly compostable carrier bags as part of our sustainability drive.

The compostable carriers used carry the ‘seedling’ logo, are tested to EN13432 and are made from potato starch, meaning they break down at the same rate as food and garden waste. The ‘seedling’ logo ensures that the bags are home compostable and can also be used as food waste caddy bags.

Patrick Sewell, Managing Director of Sewell on the go said;

“It’s important that all businesses are focussing on making themselves more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“This is an appropriate step for us but just one of many in terms of doing the right thing for us, our local community and the planet.”

Replacing all single use carrier bags with these compostable alternatives is just one part of our ‘Going Green’ initiative, which will be followed by several exciting new projects over the coming weeks, months, and years.

We’ve had some great feedback for the bags already and we’re keen to hear any other ideas our customers have for helping us become more sustainable across the board.

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