Sewell on the go managing director speaks at major summit

Sewell on the go’s managing director Patrick Sewell has spoken in front of 400 delegates at the premier convenience store event of the year.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Summit was held in Birmingham on April 19.

It brought together hundreds of retailers, suppliers and industry experts from across the globe to look at future opportunities within the sector and provide essential key insights for businesses to take away.

It also uncovered key points which give convenience retailers an edge over the competition, including community connections, local commitment and the ability to think fast and move quickly.

Patrick, who is Vice Chair of ACS,  was invited to take to the stage alongside speakers including the Managing Director of Spar UK Debbie Robinson, said: “There were two speakers before me talking about industry issues and concerns, and the essence of my talk was a response from an independent retailer’s perspective and how to tackle the challenges ahead.

“Those challenges include rising costs such as the living wage, tackling legislation changes on items such as tobacco, and the changing backdrop of the competition with grocers and discounters.

“I spoke about how we focus on our people, the attention we give to our customers and focusing on their needs, as well as how we differentiate ourselves, our brand and our offer.

“Innovation and technology also plays a part, including working smarter and streamlining procedures.

“The ACS Summit has speakers from all over the world, so it was prestigious to be asked and it’s great to support the industry.”