Sewell on the go sponsor Festival of Girls Football

Sewell on the go have been a keen sponsor of the South Cave Festival of Girls Football since it first kicked off in 2021. This year, the local company which has 13 stores across Hull and East Yorkshire, including one based in South Cave, is excited to once again sponsor this grassroots sports tournament, that brings together our best girls football teams in the area.

The tournament is on Saturday 17 June, and is part of the South Cave Tournament. It’s promised to be a fun day of great grassroots sport, showcasing some of the best young footballing talent in the area.

South Cave Sporting started the girls-only event in 2021 – they believe it was the first of its kind in the area. The region has since seen an increase of tournaments happening, alongside a growing number of youngsters joining the sport. The team at South Cave Sporting said they saw a rise in interest off the back of the success of the England Lionesses, which has really helped bring girls football into the limelight.

Lee Murphy from South Cave Sporting is arranging the tournament. He says:

“Support from local companies like Sewell on the go is absolutely vital for grassroots sports clubs. Our tournament it has grown from 12 teams coming on a morning to 250 over three days.

“We have better first aid, better medals, better pitches, a better experience all round, and that’s down to corporate support. The quality of the event means people want to keep coming back – it’s what makes it a success.”

Supporting grassroots sport is just part of what the teams at Sewell on the go do to contribute to the local community. As a local convenience store, it’s important that we’re more than just a shop for people to grab a coffee or some fuel and go, we like to be part of the community. If you’d like to talk to us about potential support, get in touch here.

Find out more about the South Cave Festival of Girls Football here.