Seeking a more sustainable future

Our business sense, the hard work of our teams and our ability to respond to our customers’ needs is what has made us successful today.  

To maintain a sustainable and healthy business we use our Sewell Compass. The four areas of the compass came from our people and were recognised as the key attributes of a successful business. The compass means we focus on each area equally keeping our business objectives in balance. 

People | Planet
Community | Performance

People: Having a positive impact on our people and our stakeholders, championing a safe & healthy working environment, and providing meaningful work and career experiences for potential future talent.

Planet: Working with our people, supply chain, and stakeholders to have a positive impact on the planet, supporting our vision of being an ethical business to work with.

Community: Being a force for good within our community, leaving a positive legacy wherever we go. 

Performance: Having clear and SMART governance to support our growth ambitions and sustainable future. 

Our sustainability strategy centres around our Road to Net-Zero, which sets out a target of net-zero in our operations by 2035.

It’s a kind of MAGIC

MAGIC (Mobilising Adaptation: Governance of Infrastructure through Co-Production) is a project by the UK Climate Resilience Programme. Our Chanterlands Ave store have ‘mini-reservoir’ planters surrounding their outdoor seating area that hold 3,300 litres of rainwater collected from the garage roof.   

Sites powered by solar

Alongside constantly monitoring energy usage to significantly reduce the amount of energy our stores use, we use solar power across many of our 13 stores to help power them.

Our Hull West site has 88 solar panels, that generate in excess of 500Kwh per week to contribute towards the site’s needs.

Supporting our local community

As a local convenience store, we want to be part of the community we’re in. It’s really important for us to not just serve you as customers, but to make a difference in the schools your kids go to, or the sports clubs that keep you active. 

Puffins Galore!

The creative art trail that consists of 42 puffins across the Yorkshire coastline is there to raise awareness for endangered coastal wildlife, the effects of global warming, and to tell the stories of the people of Hull & East Yorkshire. Our colourful sponsored puffin is called ‘memories of the seaside’ by Rachael and Phillippa Corcutt, which you can find near our Cottingham store.  

Promoting biodiversity with bug hotels

One of our very handy caretakers (handperson), Jim has built some fantastic bug hotels which are in place at Hull West  our store on the A63 (Westbound).

He builds them using recyled materials and they are now supporting a wide variety of species that now live there.

Wildflower meadows at South Cave

Our team, customers and insects at South Cave are soon going to be able to enjoy a beautiful wildflower meadow, which is currently being planted.

We’re excited to see this grow and support biodiversity in the area. Some benefits of a wildflower meadow include:

  • reduced air pollution and help fight climate change.
  • Wildflowers contribute towards the protection of native biodiversity
  • Wildflowers attract wildlife to your meadow